MedAssure™ RAC Audit Statistics

  1. The Improper Medicare Fee-For-Service Payments Report – November 2009. Approximately 7.8% of Medicare dollars are noncompliant with Medicare coverage, coding, billing, or payment procedures. This represents $24.1 billion in Medicare payments each year
  2. RAC auditors have found that 70 mistakes were found for every 100 bills reviewed
  3. It costs a provider an average of $2,000 to $7,000 to file a RAC appeal [sources: American Hospital Association and the Wellington Group]
  4. Of all the RAC overpayment determinations in the implementation phase, only 4.6 percent were overturned on appeal
  5. Providers are liable for the mistakes of billing companies
  6. Federally hired RAC audit contractors are paid on a contingency basis, retaining between 9-12% of payments recovered
  7. The federal government receives $15 for every $1 spent on RAC audits

RAC Audits are: Inaccurate, RACs are bounty hunters, RACs are second guessing physicians

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